Hello! My name is Abril Aquino

I am the creator of Let’s Piñata Party. I am 30 years old and hold a degree in Business Administration. Since I was a child, I enjoyed crafting, but selling my creations to my elementary school classmates brought me even more joy. I also made paper flowers and other crafts that I sold to the stationery stores near my house. As I grew older, I expanded my offerings to include cookies, buñuelos, and even shaved ice. Therefore, when it came time to choose a university major, I decided to study Business Administration at the Universidad del Valle de México, from which I graduated in 2018.

After completing my degree, it took me about 3 weeks to secure a job, and I had already signed a contract to start working. However, honestly, I didn’t feel content being confined to an office. A few days before finishing my degree, my sister Estefanny, who lived in Cancun, sent me an email suggesting that when she returned home, we could start selling piñatas. At the time, I didn’t pay much attention to the idea since I had no idea how to make piñatas.

My first order was for a unicorn piñata. My initial customer adored her piñata, and she even ordered 2 more unicorn piñatas to adorn her dessert table. That’s how I began crafting piñatas and started making a name for myself. Each person I sold to recommended me to their guests and family members. After 5 years and witnessing the growth of this business, Estefanny joined Let’s Piñata Party to contribute ideas and fulfill our initial desire to embark on this piñata adventure.

Today, we are immensely grateful to have reached many homes and brought joy to children with piñatas shaped like their favorite characters for their birthdays. We have honed our skills and refined our techniques as we gained experience.

Thank you for supporting this venture that means so much to us!

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